Renord-Invest investment company renders services of an agent and a financial adviser in arrangement of financing for development of a Client’s business, leveraged buyout (LBO), management buyout (MBO), etc., with application of various financial tools.

We render the following services to our сlients:

strategy development and consulting about a structure and types of financing;

advices about activities that promote the increase of investment attractiveness;

preparation of memorandum and presentation materials for investors;

search, listing and examination of a list of potential investors (long list): financial companies, banks, funds, strategic investors;

organization and holding of negotiations; presentation of a company to potential investors;

development of an optimal acquisition structure;

support of a acquisition.

Our company provides opportunities for financing arrangement in the following forms:

Bridge financing
Shortage of financial resources in a period of preparation of a company for long-term financing might be covered by means of short-term arrangement of financing being used for re-engineering of internal processes in order to ensure explosive improvement of activity of a recipient company.
Our company possesses necessary resources to finance short-term acquisitions, and it is also ready to provide consulting support in determination of an optimal moment for arrangement of financing.

Debt origination
In case other types of project financing are impossible or not considered to be acceptable for a client, company might be provided with a debt origination services. In a process of preparation of a loan application, experts of our company develop an optimal scheme of project financing and determine the characteristics of a loan.

Other financial tools
Within the framework of this option, our company offers financial engineering services that will enable you to select an optimal financial tool and an operational scheme of financing for your company.