Renord-Invest investment company is involved in development and implementation of efficient crisis management activities and strategies within the framework of already operating companies and investment projects, among which the following might be mentioned:

financial consulting in crisis environment: it implies company’s asset restructuring, debt management, assessment of debt instruments (including overdue), debt restructuring (alteration of debt offset terms, reissuance debt refinancing through issue of various types of debt securities or equity offering);

financial readjustment, including preliminary assessment of a scale of crisis financial condition, insolvency restructuring, restoration of business solvency, as well as ensuring of long-term financial balance;

crisis management support of company’s operating activities, which implies development of business strategy, optimization of organizational structure and key business-processes, as well as increase of project liquidity;

re-conception of investment projects, which implies investment assessment of projects (portfolio), selection of the most effective projects (possible attraction of extra financing) and change of concept and/or sale of the lest attractive (or unprofitable) projects.