Renord-Invest investment company is a member of a Joint working group for trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation between Czech Republic and St Petersburg. On basis of previous experience in implementation of projects of such companies as STOMIX, UNISTAV and IMPEX in Russian Federation, and in the framework of St Petersburg Government Regulation No1247 dated 11.11.2009 “The Concept of energy efficiency increase and stimulation of energy saving”, Renord-Invest investment company is implementing pilot projects in development of innovative technologies in a sphere of construction and housing and communal services.
Among the priority fields in international cooperation of Renord-Invest company the following can be mentioned:

implementation of activities for prevention of heat energy leakage, including those with carrying out of reconstruction and complete overhaul of buildings of mass dwelling lines with execution of modern requirements to heat resistance of cladding;

modernization of heating and power systems of buildings with introduction of modern in-house engineering systems, including in-house systems of weather control and modern systems of heat consumption accounting;

creation of modern complex systems for management of heat energy transportation, remote control of energy consumption and traffic control in apartment buildings;

stimulation of new energy-saving technologies and equipment introduction to construction complex;

construction of buildings and facilities with execution of modern requirements to heat resistance of cladding;

organization of energy consumption accounting and control in execution of building and construction works;

creation and use of new materials and constructions, manufacturing processes, which exclude or decrease energy consumption.

A strategic partner of Renord-Invest investment company in international collaboration field is Duka Development company from Czech Republic in cooperation with the Housing Committee and the Building and Construction Committee of St. Petersburg.