Setting up and development of the first regular passenger ferry service line between St. Petersburg and Baltic region cities: Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn. The development strategy is based on the experience Scandinavian ferry lines with high class service on board required for a comfortable stay: selection of suites, bars, restaurants, a spa area, children’s playground, conference facilities, Duty Free shops.

Trips from St. Petersburg – Helsinki, Helsinki – St. Petersburg currently carried out on the ferry Princess Maria three times a week. The ferry Princess Anastasia is arranged for a cruise of St. Petersburg – Stockholm – Helsinki – Tallinn – St. Petersburg tree-four times a week. The entertaining trips within maritime belt are the supplement to the regular once during the summer.

Both ships – Princess Maria and Princess Anastasia – are ice-class, which allows year-round navigation without the involvement of ice-breakers. The ferries are equipped with roll stabilization systems, thrusters and everything necessary for their all-weather operations.

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