Our investments aim is to increase the values of businesses, as well as to receive profit from implementation of various investment ideas. We focus on:

investments in business that is at the stage of expansion/active growth with sound market position;

investments in business-projects with high investment attractiveness, characterized for us by motivated management team, readiness for transparence in financing and for business management optimisation;

investments in sizable and unique real estate development projects.

We increase value of investments in cooperation with existing team of managers strengthened by hired skilled personnel. Together we develop effective organizational structure of business, organize proper strategic planning, introduce management reporting system, optimize financial flows (including financing arrangements). In order to support strategic and operational project management, our Company employs a team of high-qualified professionals with outstanding experience in different economic sectors. At the moment investment portfolio of “Renord-Invest” investment company includes over 15 investments in various businesses and real estate development projects with total estimated value of over $750 million.

Our objectives in investment management are recruiting of an optimal team of professionals, hands-on operational support, and support in important strategic issues that altogether create asset value. We constantly assess management and supervise financial performance of our investments.

We are ready for cooperation with other investment institutions in investment projects implementation.

We exit from our investments using sale to a trade buyer, or by taking companies to IPO, or through management buy-in.