Renord-Invest investment company respects your right for confidentiality and as much as possible aspires to promote its preservation according to the Federal Law № 24-FZ “ABOUT INFORMATION, INFORMATISATION AND INFORMATION SECURITY” dated 25 January 1995. At company website we may gather certain information about visited webpages, such as name of Internet-provider and IP-address (Internet Protocol), which you use for going to Internet; date and duration of visit to our website, certain webpages visited by users, as well as Internet-address of a website from which a user directly jumped to the website of Renord-Invest investment company. Such kind of information is gathered for further analysis of tendencies, for coordination and improvement of our website work.

Renord-Invest investment company responsibly takes the issue of use of private information that is represented at company website since this is extremely important for achievement of investment company goals and protection of business reputation. Renord-Invest company has adopted this “Confidentiality Statement concerning work in Internet” taking into consideration the commitment for confidentiality protection and aspiration for absolute trust from our clients. Scope and type of information received from clients and users to the website of Renord-Invest investment company depend on content of the data, which is sent through contact mailboxes of our investment company.

Renord-Invest investment company uses personally identified information solely for providing replies for requests and information about projects and services rendered by our company.  We store private information sent to us only during the period required for the goals of information gathering or stated by legislation. Renord-Invest company doesn’t transfer private information to the third parties unless it is required for achievement of our working goals, or stated by legislation or other legal norms, but we never sell private information of our partners and clients.

Renord-Invest investment company conducts technological and operational policy of security and develops necessary procedures aimed at protection of your personally identified information from data loss, improper use, transformation or inadvertent destruction. We always have a great regard for the issues of keeping confidentiality of personified information.

Also we completely realize the importance and necessity of observance of inviolability of children’s private life, especially in communication environment of electron channels.

If you have any questions, remarks, suggestions concerning our work with your private information, please, write us to You may also use this e-mail to inform us about any problems related to observation of our “Confidentiality Statement concerning work in Internet”.

We guarantee confidentiality and strive for absolute trust of clients.