Our mission
We help to materialize strategic potential of businesses through its efficient management and professional approach to organization of financing.

Our values
Meeting our commitments is an integral part of Company’s reputation. We are benevolent, honest and open-minded both within our team and with our partners.
Our development and profit comes from our benefits for clients. We take care of our partners, employees and shareholders success.
We provide our clients with the most modern optimization solutions in business administration and financial operations.
Individual approach
Each of our partners is interesting and unique for us, so we are dedicated to satisfy their needs that lie in the sphere of our professional and business interests.
We highly appreciate ideas and competences of our employees and promote their steady development and self-perfection since this is a basis for employees’ success and a guarantee for prosperity of сompany.

Principles of our work
Long-term principle
We focus on private equity investments in sound businesses.
Optimality principle
We believe that effectiveness comes from the best use of the Company’s resources.
Complex approach principle
In our work we rely on complex approach, which means that we take into consideration a great number of internal and external interrelated factors, such as knowledge, abilities, competencies, material resources, etc.
Participation principle
Our achievements is a result of well-coordinated activities of all highly professional employees of the Company.
Flexibility principle
We are a team of professionals, therefore we can flexibly adjust and adapt Company development strategy to changing business-environment.