Renord-Invest investment company is a private equity firm which invests in developing businesses, advises on financing structure, attracts financing and provides consulting services for investment projects.

We focus on projects with significant growth potential. We have our own funds to provide private equity financing, but also assist in attracting financing from institutional investors.

Renord-Invest success comes from its existing experience in development of businesses, as well as from our team competencies in financial resources management, strategic management and marketing.

Our success mainly comes from our clients’ success; therefore we always form  a long-term cooperation strategy with our partners. This success is based not only on financing structure,  which is just a initial point for mutual business, but also on deep involvement in strategic management,  on installation of efficient managerial technologies, which  undoubtedly guarantees  successful development of any idea and move business to fundamentally higher level.

We guarantee confidentiality and dedicated to deserve absolute trust from our clients.